the burial ground


The Burial GroundThe year is 1860. A priest, sent on a mission to an Indian village on the coast of British Columbia, believes he is successfully converting the people to Christianity. He is unaware of the anger, selfishness, and love that dictate their actions, and that lead to fatal consequences.

With multiple viewpoints and haunting images, Pauline Holdstock recreates the collision between two cultures and the illusion of contact between a white European priest and native peoples of the west coast.

“Delicate, chilling … packed with enormous tension”
The Globe & Mail

“Each of the seven voices is handled with grace and percipience, and so when the inevitable tensions between priest and tribe occur, they are thankfully complex and ambiguous.  … The reader is left with a sense of contentious intuitions, a sense of spirits bleaching dreams out of darkness.”
Quill & Quire

The Burial Ground

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*  Burial Ground, The
*  Author: Pauline Holdstock
*  98 pages | 5 x 8.5 trade paperback
*  1991
*  Fiction
*  ISBN 0921586256